DotNetJ detailed
DotNetJ is a middleware that gives .NET clients a transparent access to Java components or J2EE applications.
Using DotNetJ it takes less than one minute to select a Java component or application and generate a component that you can use in a VB.NET client, ASP.NET pages or any other .NET application.
" Enables J2EE applications to support VB.NET clients. "
The popularity of the Java platform has incited a large community of developers to invest in Java and provide components in many functional areas. Using DotNetJ you can take advantage of these components in your .NET applications without rewriting a single line of code.
Moreover, DotNetJ enables J2EE applications to support VB.NET clients.
Take advantage of DotNetJ’s interoperability functionalities to integrate heterogeneous applications in .NET web portals.

Providing a .NET access to enterprise Java (J2EE) applications gives companies that have already invested in Java the capacity to start adopting the .NET platform while maintaining their investments. DotNetJ is currently being integrated in ObjectWeb's strong Java application server JOnAS, giving the ability to access J2EE applications from the .NET environment. Learn more...
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