Developers may want to download DotNetJ to test its features and give us a feedback.
A beta version of DotNetJ is now available for download. Note that some implementation details are subject to change and that all the final product's features may not be part of this package.
1- How to install
Download the DotNetJ package from the link above and save it to your hard drive. Extract its content to your hard drive.
2- Package contents
The DotNetJ package contains the following files :
stuber.exe - DotNetJ Stuber tool executable
dotnetj.jar - DotNetJ Java server Jar file
dotnetj.dll - DotNetJ Client assembly
3- System requirements
Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0
Java 1.3 JRE or JDK, or later
Known issues
Instanciating a client-activated object (CAO) won't work with generated proxy classes.
A remote Java object may be prematuraly garbage-collected if not used for minutes, due to a client-side garbage-collection management feature that was not tested.
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